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How does it work?

So, you've decided that the Qorone is going to be the perfect structure for your glampsite, campsite, or venue. How do you go about choosing which Qorone is right for you?

Qorones come in 13 different sizes. The smallest has 8 walls, and is approx 21 square metres. Each time you add a wall, you extend the space inside. Walls can be added one at a time, right up to the largest size which has 20 walls and is 139 square metres. Please see the table for all the different sizes.

Which size is right for you? Here are some suggestions:

  • 8 - 9 sides: The perfect size for cosy yet spacious sleeping accommodation

  • 10 - 16 sides: Campsite hub, communal space, covered activities, workshops, smaller events

  • 17 - 20 sides: Event space such as weddings and parties, outside dining, live music

Once you know which size is perfect for you, decide how many doors and windows you'll need for your intended use. For example, if it's for accommodation, you'll probably only want one door, and maybe three or four windows. But if it's a larger structure for, say, a campsite communal space, you might want several entry points and windows in every other wall.

Sizes table.jpg
Night glow.jpg

Flooring: for accommodation you may want to install a wooden floor, or place the structure on a wooden platform. For a more earthy and rustic feel, then coir matting might do the job nicely. But for a campsite communal space or shelter, then grass keeps it earthy. If not in use, the roof can be removed and the grass allowed to grow and be mown.

Wall height: The standard height is 2.8m. We can increase this to accommodate raised flooring inside, built-in stage. We recommend that the largest Qorones are a little taller to keep them in proportion.

Fire: The central fire is an integral part of the design. Choose between a log burning stove, practical for sleeping accommodation, or an open fire, which would suit a campsite hub or communal space. Whichever you choose, it will be designed to fit the space perfectly, providing a warm and cosy place to be.

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