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Features of the Qorone


The walls are made of coastal redwood or giant sequoia, and larch for the floor. Both of these woods are resistant to rot and attack by insects. The timber is locally sourced, with the larch from Devon having been felled by our very own hands! However, we can use other timbers if you prefer and we can even use a tree from your own land if you happen to have one that needs to come down anyway or has been blown over in a storm.

As we build the walls, we select pieces of wood to compliment each other as we do the build, and hand finish in our own particular style, to leave a tactile finish, paying particular attention to the knots which we like to leave slightly proud, as though the wood had naturally aged. This means that our walls, benches and other wooden furniture ooze character and individuality, and are pleasing to the eye and touch.

The wood is sealed in three coats of a high-spec, exterior grade varnish.

The fixings are made of stainless steel, they will never rust!

The fireplace is made of mild steel, designed to take on an attractive patina as it ages.


The roof is made of the same canvas as yurts and tipis - made fire retardant at the point of manufacture and made to last around 10 years. As the roof is in sections (one section per wall panel), it can be replaced one piece at a time, if necessary.

Versatility & flexibility

The Qorone is a very versatile space. Once erected (which can be easily done in less than a day), the space is yours to fill as you wish.

Add a bed, a sofa and some rugs for cosy glamping accommodation. Enjoy the warmth of the central fire or stove, and use it to cook on. Plumb in a sink and you have the perfect alternative to a yurt, cabin or shepherd's hut for your guests to enjoy. We can supply beds and any other bespoke furniture, made of the same wood in the same style, to maintain the Qorone aesthetic.

Install bench seating around the edges for a sociable communal space around a fire. We can supply bench seating made from the same wood, which attaches to the walls so securely that the benches can be danced upon and actually increase the strength of the structure!

Fill a larger Qorone with tables and chairs for outdoor (but indoor!) dining. Remove the roof to let the sun shine in, or the window covers to allow a breeze to blow through, or shut the doors tight and batten down the hatches in inclement weather. Being able to have a fire roaring in the hearth means that the Qorone is a genuine year-round venue.

The perfect wedding venue: the round shape and attractive roof means that this venue needs the lightest of decoration to be a stunning wedding venue. Just add flowers and twinkly lights and away you go!

Clear the space apart from a stage to host a band for live music events and dancing, etc.

You really can let your imagination go places with all the possibilities that the space can be, whether it be for accommodation, communal space or events. We can't wait to see what you all come up with, and are happy to discuss any of your ideas with you.

If the structure is to lie dormant for any amount of time, the roof can be completely removed and safely stored, allowing the grass to grow inside. If you wish to take it down completely, the walls can be stacked and the whole thing stored in a box trailer or barn without taking up much space.


Low Impact & Low Maintenance

The Qorone is a free-standing structure. There is no staking into the ground, and guy ropes are definitely not required. The outward-leaning walls make it extremely sturdy. There is no machinery used to erect the structure, just a team of 5 or 6 people for half a day. As each section can be carried by hand, accessing tricky areas - for example, down a windy track or in the woods - is no problem.

Once erected, there is really very little that will need doing to maintain the structure. We use stainless steel fixings, and hand-finish each wall section with a high spec exterior varnish to keep it safe from the elements for many years.

With an occasional re-varnish, and replacement of canvas (each should last approximately 10 years), the structure should last at least 50 years.

Quirky, different, unique, rustic, earthy, eye-catching, cosy, fabulous, lovely ... some of the words that we heard spoken about the Qorone over The Glamping Show weekend where we showed the Qorone for the first time in September 2020.

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