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About us

Qorone is run by Joseph Peace and Lucy Menter from their base in rural Somerset.

Joseph is the mastermind behind the design, as well as the chief wood and metal worker. He's spent most of his life creating and making things, and has been in business since 2003 serving the festival and event industry with large scale wood and metal design and construction.

Lucy brings her business management experience, and keeps the operation running smoothly. She also enjoys getting stuck in in the workshop, and is becoming a dab hand at sanding wood and polishing metal!

Our workshop staff have years of experience and are passionate about being part of the Qorone team.


Our Ethos

Here at Qorone, we're all about keeping the 'camping' in 'glamping', and creating the finest in event spaces.

For glamping, our structures are designed with the authenticity of the camping experience in mind - sleeping under canvas, campfires and being close to nature - but with the luxury of solid wooden walls, high ceilings and plenty of space for home comforts and to spread out.

For event space, we create structures that are as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Solid wooden walls in a circular design create a highly versatile structure that maximises space and has a surprisingly high capacity.


The design of the Qorone has evolved organically from a simple campfire and seating. A few years ago, Joseph was tasked with running a fire pit at a festival. Having built a ring of seats around the fire, he tended it all weekend and everyone had a great time, but at the back of Joseph's mind, he was pondering, but what if it rains? With this in mind, he envisaged extending the backs of the benches upwards to create walls and placing a flue over the fire, which created the possibility of an easily removable roof between the two, and ta-dah! An all-weather fireside venue! 

Since then, the design has been tweaked and refined, to become the very flexible space that is the Qorone. 

We make each structure to order, and to our customer's specifications. Please see the How does it work? page to find out more.

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Qorone – what’s in a name?

Before Coronavirus came along and wreaked havoc on our lives and businesses, our original 12-sided structure was successfully touring festivals and events as The Magic Teapot, providing a beautiful, welcoming space. Many people had asked about buying the structure, so putting it into production was already on our minds. Because it happens to look like a crown, we were exploring words around crown, and its Spanish equivalent corona, to name it, but also looking to create a unique and memorable word for a nice short URL.


When Corona came along and took away our festivals, we found ourselves with the time and space to set production into motion. Rather than shy away from the Corona connotations, we decided to grab the bull by the horns and embrace the coincidence, so here we are!

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