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Redwood available!

Our first blog!

We thought it would be good to go into a little more detail about our attention to detail. In particular our attention to the provenance of the timber we use. Keeping it local is important to us as is keeping it sustainable. We like to use trees that have to come down or plantation wood that will be replanted. We have been assisting with felling some plantation larch in Devon and have brought it to our local sawmill where we are able to assist with milling the wood into the dimensions we need for building Qorones. Larch is great timber as it is extremely rot resistant so if the varnish gets damaged in a place you don't notice, it really doesn't matter. Another wood that is rot resistant is redwood. It's not commercially grown in this country but there are some around. Our sawmill recently got hold of a big redwood that was standing dead near Glastonbury. It needed to come down and means we can offer a few Qorones in redwood at the moment. Redwood is great because it doesn't rot, is resistant to woodworm and is really lightweight when it's seasoned so for a Qorone that is to be moved, it's the best. This is what we have used to build our Magic Teapot structures which we take to festivals. That redwood came from Longleat safari park. They planted lots and needed to thin them out.

Even better than using timber we have sourced locally is using timber sourced from your land. If you have any trees that need to come down, or trees that have fallen in storms, we can organise a mobile sawmill to mill the trees on site and take what we need to build your Qorone, bringing back your finished Qorone to stand near the site of the tree it was made from. We can photograph every stage of the process to make a coffee table book you can have as a point of interest for your guests! At the moment, a lot of ash trees are having to be felled because of ash dieback. Ash is a great timber for us to work with, creating a beautiful and extremely sturdy Qorone. You can burn the rest of the tree in the woodburning stove so none of it goes to waste!

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